“Live your best” is more than a tagline for Zevia; it’s at the core of the brand essence. It’s not just another sparkling beverage with no sugar and no calories, it is an opportunity for the consumer to make a healthy and convenient choice for themselves. The brand believes that to live your best is not about being a fitness guru, it’s about finding the moments in your everyday life to make better, quick decisions to impact your overall health and wellbeing.

Director Erin Sarofsky was tasked to capture real people, in real moments and living real lives. Every aspect of production kept that mantra in mind, especially when it came to casting and in the crafting of the scenarios that were depicted. Being playful in spin class, making heathy food choices for your family, dashing after your escape artist dog and trying to get some yoga in with your curious toddler lurking around are just some of the scenarios that were explored.

The Zevia brand elements were another prominent factor with the overall look of the spot. To add synergy with the other branded marketing materials, we added a blue overlay coupled with prominent typography.