Filming children isn’t the easiest thing. And eliciting a genuine, authentic, playful response to a new product is all of that times ten. However, Erin Sarofsky was able to do just that. Erin directed several children, interview style, capturing their reactions to trying Zevia’s new, sparkling beverage, created specifically for kids. Some of the kids had never even had a sparkling beverage or opened a can before and she was able to capture their first experience in a delightful, playful way.

The animated illustrations added in post express the essence of their responses perfectly and punctuate the scenes and their reactions in a playful way.

She was able to get so much great footage that some of Erin’s favorite lines didn’t even make the final cut. It was amazing to have captured so much footage that allowed us to have dozens of unique cuts to share out of the gate. Kudos also goes to our skillful editor, Tom Pastorelle, who crafted so many versions it really was challenging to settle on any one thing. But that’s also one reason we were able to deliver unique :15s, :06s and all of the social deliverables that are part of the media landscape.