Publicis NY called and asked us to present an all-in treatment for this wonderful PSA, reminding young teenagers of the importance of their second Meningitis vaccination. Meningitis is a horrible bacterial infection that, if contracted, could kill you within 24 hours. Our job was not only to communicate that information but to create a sense of urgency.  Given the severity of this infection, it was important to create a spot that literally stopped people in their tracks. To achieve these goals, we wanted to create a lovely live action story of teens, just being teens. It’s set in a normal high school with traditional lunchroom banter, hanging out by lockers, rehearsing a play. We played up the idealized nature of their lives by shooting a little high speed and with anamorphic lenses. In the middle of the story, we abruptly interrupt with dramatic visualizations of the bacteria spreading through a person’s body. This jarring interruption is the perfect metaphor for what happens to your life if you actually contract this virus.

The piece was directed by Erin Sarofsky and the cinematography was by Luca Del Puppo. The talented team of designers and animators at Sarofsky are responsible for all the beautiful CG and design!