While the Avengers team may be falling apart, our partnership with the Marvel and the Russo brothers is stronger than ever. For Captain America: Civil War, we created the main on end titles and handled more than 20 visual effects shots.

This was a particularly challenging project for us as it was one of our first endeavors into both photo real CG and feature film visual effects. Inspired by a pivotal scene in the film, our main-on-end titles explore a cracking and breaking concrete environment. Appearing immediately after the film’s final scene fades to black, viewers see a debris-laden surface where the first titles are revealed, strongly lit from five angles with spotlights. In this initial frame, even the stones and other objects cast long, dramatic shadows. But in the subtlest of poignant design surprises, when the second title appears, notice that the shadows cast by the words have taken on a life of their own, assuming forms that are easily recognized by fans of Marvel and Captain America.