Sarofsky had the honor of being invited to participate in Maxon’s C4DLive event at Siggraph 2019, showcasing how we used Cinema 4D and Arnold to create our latest animated short, Buckets

Inspired by a picture of a cross section of a piñata created by Carmichael Collective, Creative Lead Duarte Elvas imagined several experiments that the team brought to life. Using Cinema 4D’s dynamics system, hair tools, and the new Volume Builder, we were able to bring the project from start to finish in 30 days.

We also built a little script to help with the process, called Spring Break, which we’re releasing for free. When making springs on points for soft bodies and rigid bodies, the artist has to place each spring one-by-one, which is a time-consuming process. Spring Break lets you make a selection of points and automatically creates a spring constraint on each point selected on your object. The code is open, so feel free to check out the source code, modify it, and build upon it. 

You can download the script here: