We were commissioned by creative agency Quaker City Mercantile and their clients at Miller Brewing Company to create a broad range of dynamic ads celebrating the High Life. These vibrant “Welcome to the High Life” ads include numerous :15 and :5 versions, all designed and delivered in 16:9, 9:16 and 4:5 aspect ratios for use across the brand’s metaverse and in paid placements nationwide.

The campaign debuted widely over the past week, and is set to run well into the future.

Being invited to bring QC Mercantile’s beautiful ad concepts to life in motion, accompanied by one of the most widely recognized jingles in the history of advertising, was incredibly daunting and exciting.

Design-wise, the project’s unique objectives began with a considerable exercise in restraint. All our design decisions leaned into a vintage look. The colors were muted… the typography larger and typeset in a nostalgic way, consistent with the brand. Everything we did, we had to make sure it worked in a historical context, while standing out in the present as well.

It’s very exciting to us that people understand our dedication to making everything look amazing, while also being flexible. We had so many deliverables on this job, in so many formats. Bringing our absolute best talents to bear across every single frame is what we do.