Erin was asked to create a piece on the new iMac Pro to demonstrate the most powerful Mac ever. She chose a mixed media approach combining live action, CG (both photo-real and illustrated) and compositing. The concept was simple: bring an old sketchbook and its array of contents to life.

Erin spent two weeks filling a sketchbook with drawings, notes, and doodles. To give it an authentic look, she used watercolor paint and a blow dryer to distress the pages. She then filmed the book using a Phantom Flex camera at 270 frames per second. The next step was bringing the sketches in the book to life. To do that, the sketches were imported into Cinema 4D where they were projected onto a 3D model, which was then animated. The illustrations and models were composited in After Effects and fine tuned, making all the different elements speak to the same visual language.

Groove Guild’s Paul Riggio created mesmerizing original sound design and music. He added lightness, etherealness and a cadence that makes the piece feel wondrous and magical.

According to Erin, it was a thrill to be able to work directly with Apple and their talented group of creatives and producers. She also acknowledged the inspirational level of work by each of the contributing artists, all of which can be seen here:

Scroll through above to see the full piece as well as a behind the scenes look at our process.