For our second collaboration with The Chicago Cubs, we came up with a simple, charming idea; we would create a memorable holiday greeting message delivered through song and executed in the classic style of Rankin / Bass. We thought it would be exciting to remake a holiday song in the spirit of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer claymation. We proposed re-writing the lyrics to “Oh Christmas Tree” and celebrating the holiday spirit with an “Ode’ to Wrigley Field.”


here are the final lyrics:

O Wrigley Field, O Wrigley Field  

Our love is elemental  

O Wrigley Field, O Wrigley Field  

You make me sentimental  

For all the greats, we give our thanks 

Fergie, Ryne, Santo and Banks  

O Wrigley Field, O Wrigley Field  

Create October magic


O Wrigley Field, O Wrigley Field  

I love your every brick  

O Wrigley Field, O Wrigley Field  

Summer’s coming, make it quick  

I’d rather pitch instead of sing  

And unleash a big home run swing 

O Wrigley Field, O Wrigley Field  

Let’s go win the World Series


This piece was created entirely in the box with our talented group of artists and animators.

We are especially proud that we were responsible for the concept and writing of this piece. Many people don’t realize we do quite a bit of concept development and this is proof that we are really quite good at doing it.  

We also love this project because it’s rooted in pure entertainment. We are not selling anything specific here, we’re just delighting the Cubs fans. That sentiment goes a long way for a brand; check out the media coverage for proof of concept!