Welcome to the fun world of Bomb Pop, and we were honored to be invited to produce this hilarious round of social content for them. It’s a poppy paper cut out world filled with absurd scenarios and beautiful, eye-catching design. To create these pieces we filmed live action, cut out our assets and then composited them into a fully designed and animated world.

The casting sheet look like this: Sloths, astronauts, and dancers in short rompers. Could you ask for a better job? No. The answer is definitely no.

This project is the perfect example of how we add production value on social content. While rare these days, sometimes people still think that social doesn’t require the same production prowess as broadcast, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. Production is production, no matter what the end deliverables are.

Additionally, more and more we are getting asked to create narratives in six seconds. Story tellers sometimes poo-poo it because it really is an absurdly short amount of time. However, as production partners we have to accept that the landscape has changed, viewers exist on a lot of different platforms, and those platforms only allow for a short burst of engagement. This Bomb Pop collection is the perfect example of how to tell short stories well!