Havas briefed us on this cute series of spots for BabyBel. Their mission was to create a series that’s fun and irreverent as CG animations. They wanted the product to be the main character in the piece, but remain photo real… Which was a wonderful challenge. How do we solve that? Answer: it was by giving it some sass when we animated its movements.  And, of course, the minimal world helped set the tone of the piece. The predominantly white space was the perfect background for the red to really pop.

Not only were the BabyBel’s the star characters, they also played all the supporting rolls, as the flowers, birds, trees and cows. Anywhere it made sense for us to use that iconic wax coating we went for it.

This is a great opportunity to show off our CG product skills: their iconic wax shell and of course the cellophane wrapper all look the perfect amount real and ideal.