What’s our secret at Sarofsky? Well, for starters, we keep the work enjoyable and fun. But at the same time, when faced with an obstacle, we do not back down. We take a collective deep breath, work the problem, and come up with creative solutions.

So in a particularly nutty brainstorming session for one of Arnold’s most recent CenturyLink spots, the idea emerged of how funny it would be to convince Halley, our resident vegan, that we needed her acting skills to bring Terri the Vegan T-Rex to life.

Pretty soon the idea snowballed into a full-fledged “Behind the Scenes” video documenting the “innovative and over-the-top process.”

Check out the video to see some of your Sarofsky favorites showing off their acting chops and being unafraid to get a little goofy in front of the camera. (And don’t worry, Halley was in on it the whole time.)