Top 10 “James Expressions” of 2017: by Madeline


As an Associate Producer, I get the pleasure of working closely with Sarofsky’s Parrot Head, James Babiarz. Amongst the many unique qualities he possesses is his repetitive vocabulary. Throughout 2017, I decided to document his most used phrases around the office. As the year comes to a close, it’s time to share this incredible list- ranked by usage. Enjoy!


10. He’s a wakadoo

9. You’ll rock it out!

8. Let’s talk to these jokers

7. So that’s what’s going on…

6. Sandbag it*


4. What are we doing for lunch on Friday? (said on Monday)

3. Just incredible… 

2. Whats the word?



*Don’t worry clients- we won’t actually sandbag it.


An Added Bonus / My Favorite Quote of the Year:

“Ain’t nobody act a fool at a Blackhawks Game!”


Have a Happy New Year from Sarofsky + all of Jame’s Tiki Deskorations!