All of these short cuts help you be more productive by shaving a few seconds off some simple tasks so you can continue moving forward with the larger tasks you are trying to complete.

1. Command – Tab – Two magical buttons allow you see all the apps you have open, then toggle to the one you want right now.

2. Control – Z – Because we all need to undo that last thing we did “by mistake”.

3. Command – S – Do this to keep the work you’ve just finished.

4. Command – Delete – When it doesn’t bring you joy anymore, delete the file

5. Command – Option – ESC – This opens up the Force Quit dialogue box when the app you are using is not responding, and enables you to Relaunch Finder.

6. Command – Shift – N – When you need a brand spanking new folder, (or an Incognito window to read the NYT in Chrome)

7. In Chrome: Control – Tab / Shift – Control – Tab – Toggles you through your Tabs open in a browser.

8. Command – Shift – 4 – Use this for a screen shot. If you want to capture the entire window Press Space Bar then Click your mouse.

9. Command – W (or with an M for Minimize) – Close a window in a heartbeat

10. Command – Shift – Arrow Left or Right depending on what you want to high light. This makes cutting, pasting and deleting easy as pie.

Plus 1. Option – V = check mark – because it’s fun to actually check off items on your ToDo list

Thanks Joel for always keeping us efficient!