If you have a minor dog problem or even a full-blown obsession, then you’ve come to the right place. Don’t know where to see the floofiest of floofs, the loudest borkers, the cutest mlems, or the funniest dog captions? Say no more and read this h*ckin 10/10 list fren.

10. @marleyandmeinnyc (Instagram) – Look, Golden Retrievers are adorable to me, okay. It’s not an obsession, it’s just a minor problem, I get that. But the puppo that is @marleyandmeinnyc is h*ckin adorbz and super floofy. Always doin me an appreciate—10/10.

9. @weratedogs (Instagram/Twitter) – If you’re lookin’ for a h*ckin good account that shares its love with all doggos across the world, then you should give @weratedogs a follow. They have a multi-million follower count, and if you submit a picture or video of your pupper they just might share it with all their followers.

8. @leogoldendude (Instagram) – I don’t know about you, but Goldendoodles are pretty cool. But what about a MINI GOLDENDOODLE?! @leogoldendude is a Mini Goldendoodle residing in Chicago. With posts ranging from when he was a puppy, flying through the snow, and playing soccer his smile and floofy personality will make you shed small tears.

7. @wilbusdumbledog (Instagram) – Ever had a puppy that kind of acts like a dad? No? Well, Wilbur Albus is a goofy boi who either looks dissatisfied or is holding his paw out like a dad saying, “there, there, son…”. His cute, long face and catchy tune-filled adventures on his story make him a must follow by any dog lover.

6. @thekona_lisa (Instagram) – Did someone say, “BALL”?! Dogs love playing with tennis balls, right? But most dogs get tired or move on to something else. Well, not Kona… This dog is literally OBSESSED with tennis balls and is always playing with one or begging you to throw it. A Puerto Rican rescue living in Chicago, Kona will love you lots if you throw her ball.

5. @mayormax1 (Instagram) – You know when you see the Mayor of your city and you think, “I wish that was a dog”? Well, the people of Idyllwild, California don’t have to think that because they have it. Max is a Golden Retriever and is also the Mayor of Idyllwild—he was voted into office during an election held on June 11, 12, and 13, 2012 and was inaugurated July 1, 2012. He’s a hunkin’ floofer Mayor and pawmises to give treatos and bellyrubs to all people of the town. His administration is doing a h*ckin good job.

4. @ghost_the_samoyed (Instagram) – Ever seen a ghost? Even better, a ghost that howls? Say no more, because I have. Ghost is a Samoyed from Norway who deserves to be crowned floofiest boi, and the best howler. He does a h*ckin fantastic job—I think I can hear him from the other side of the globe.

3. @mapleandmortycorgi (Instagram) – Do you like Corgis? Because I LOVE THEM! Even better than one corgi is TWO. Corgi siblings Maple and Morty come in at number 3 with their wild brother sister antics. Maple is a drama queen who always wants pets, and Morty tries to tolerate her on a daily basis. Included with hilarious meme dog speaking captions, they almost always get a save or a share from me.

2. @tuckerbudzyn (Instagram) – Like dogs? Like Golden Retrievers? Like super fluffy Golden Retrievers who do funny things? Following the popular social media trend where people caption words over videos of their dogs to give their furry friend a human-like personality of its own, @tuckerbuzdyn never falls short with his expressions and actions on his account. It’s always entertaining to watch and he’s a super cute golden.

1. @petcanines (Instagram) – If you want to see posts from multiple doge accounts instead of just one that will give you a chuckle, then @petcanines is a must. Following the meme-like captions of dogs speaking to their hoomans, they share a wide variety of popular pup videos that you don’t want to miss during your morning commute.

So, if you have a love for dogs, or just want to add some floof and borks to your morning commute, these dog accounts are a must follow to add to your day. 10/10 would definitely follow all these floofy frens, friendo.

Created by our Junior Designer/Animator Matt Miltonberger who has a slight obsession with doggos… we all have our thing.