This Friday marks the end of an era… One of our dear producers, Michael, is moving on. To commemorate his exit, Mike has compiled a Top Ten list… Top Ten Things I’ll Miss About Sarofsky.

Hit it, Mike!

Unfortunately, my time at Sarofsky is coming to an end. Pretty soon I’ll be getting married, moving to Dallas, and I assume becoming a barbecue cowherd like everyone else does down there? Here are some things I’ll really miss about Sarofsky…

10. Birthday Treats
It’s great to get treats on your birthday, but it’s even better to get treats on everyone’s birthday. I try my best not to overindulge. Cake? Yum. Cupcakes? Two please! Pie? THERE’S PIE!?!?

9. Man Time
If you’ve spent a day at the office, you know what I’m talking about. If it’s your first day, just wait for it…

8. The Ping Pong Table
In the beginning, I was able to keep up with most of the company, but alas, the producer’s life is not always conducive to frequent breaks (contrary to popular belief). Nowadays, I don’t stand a chance against most of the office and usually just spectate, but there’s always that glimmer of hope that I could double down, start playing again, and regain my mediocrity.

7. Spotify Tunes
Nothing gets me focused like Jimmy Buffet, Britney Spears, or Korn blaring out across the whole office. It doesn’t matter who chooses the playlist, you always win.

6. Jimmy’s Fires
Having a fireplace in our backyard is one of the best things ever, yet somehow James became the designated fire master. Countless times this Eagle Scout has stood and watched James’ inspired fire building technique for more humor than warmth.

5. My Razor Scooter
I was an early adopter of this marvelous feat of human ingenuity, and while I’m sure I’m already leaving enough of a legacy at Sarofsky, I’ve decided to bestow my original run 1999 Razor Scooter upon those I leave behind, as it’s gotten more use the past two years at Sarofsky than it ever did by ten-year-old me.

4. Halley’s Gold Stars
Despite my tireless work ethic, I have never found myself as the recipient of Halley’s (obviously biased) reward system. I’d say that I regret never meeting her lofty standards, but after 3 1/2 years, why start caring now?

3. Dogs
Being able to bring dogs to the office is unique a perk. The first time I brought Skylar, she peed on the floor six times. It was a great day.

2. Nerf Wars
You’d think with all the toys laying around that Sarofsky is more of a daycare than an office. In a way, it kind of is. Nothing keeps you on your toes like the ever present threat of taking a Nerf dart to the face. And nothing feels better than being the one who fired it.

1. The Wonderful People and Awesome Projects
Of course, there was going to be at least one sappy thing on this list! But I think this one speaks for itself. I’ll miss the people. I’ll miss the work. I’ll miss the city. And yes, I’ll even miss the clients. But hopefully I’ll be back soon.

While I’m obviously going to miss everyone dearly, I’m excited to see what the future holds as I refocus my career a bit towards editing and production. I hope to work with the fine folks of Sarofsky again very soon, and if anyone ever wants to get in touch, please don’t hesitate!

Until next time!

And now my watch has ended.

Mike, everything in Texas may be bigger, but it’s not better! We’ll miss you!