Even though Madeline lowkey hates this slang… Our #residentmillennial provided us with a Top Ten of Millennial Slang with definitions for those basic Gen X-ers in the biz. Read on!

10. Adult (verb)
As we millennials become employed, it’s important to let others know we shouldn’t have responsibility by using the noun turned verb.
i.e. “Who let me adult today?” “Coffee, then adulting.”

Stands for fear of missing out.
See also NOMO FOMO (No more fear of missing out).

8. “V”
Because who actually says “very” anymore?

7. Woke
Basic is a millennial fave, but so is the opposite… Woke, a.k.a. someone who is v with it.

6. Squad Goals
A Millennial’s attempt to gather and be Taylor Swift.

5. On Fleek
The new “on point” meaning perfect or close to.
i.e. “Her eyebrows were on fleek tonight.”

4. Can’t Even / Dying / Dead
A typical response to anything “totes adorbz.”
Usually paired with “literally.”

3. Totes
The annoying abbreviation of totally.
(See also: totes ma goats.)

2. Bae
A term of endearment for one’s significant other. Also commonly used ironically for an object being Instagrammed.
i.e. “Netflix is bae…”

1. Netflix and Chill
A millennial’s favorite activity.

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