We were invited by Havas Lynx to maximize the impact and reach of their new cross-media campaign by providing a fresh take on how typographic and other graphic elements could raise the project’s style and energy. In the words of agency creative director Joe Marcoux, when you wear Transitions Lenses, you’re letting in all that amazing good light and filtering out the bad. “The new tagline ‘Live the Good Light’ is both an invitation and a positive declaration: when you live the good light, you live the good life.”

Adding to the impact of Community Films’ director Emil Möller’s beautiful live-action footage, we played with color, light, animation and transfer modes in frenetic, unexpected ways… Using short bursts of time to integrate the supers into the storytelling and heighten the fun. We also designed a slider bar to show the changing tints of a Transitions lens, bringing the brand’s line of lenses to life with CG lenses that react to light just like the real thing. It was a great collaboration with the agency leading to the perfect mix of graphics and footage.