David Hyatt joins us as CG Supervisor, coming all the way to Chicago from Los Angeles! This is his first time living outside of California, growing up north of the bay area* and working in LA. *Yes, north of San Francisco. Yes, there is quite a bit north of the bay. No, he’s not from Humboldt. No, he didn’t grow weed.

Chicago might be an adjustment for more reasons than just the cold… David loves camping and photographing stars for starters (will airplanes work?). At least we have him covered in terms of snow, seeing that another one of his hobbies is snowboarding. The only thing we’re still working on are his views on deep dish pizza, as he currently states: “Deep dish pizza is the tomato equivalent of clam chowder in a bread bowl.” Easy there David….

Deep dish views aside, we’re thrilled to have you on board at Sarofsky!