Today marks Halley’s last day here at Sarofsky…

Halley has been with Sarofsky from the beginning and is one of our most loved and hard working employees.  To celebrate her past with the company (in Sarofsky fashion) here are her top ten favorite memories with us over the years.

10. Going to Detroit for some BTS footage. There was honestly too much fun had on this trip between Erin, Steven Piet and I that I can’t put it into a little paragraph here. I’ll summarize with a few words from our fearless leader: “We’re just a weird family of traveling photographers.”

9. Office dogs days with the puppy versions of Moose and Minnie. Sarofsky has always been dog friendly. But no dog day will ever top the original Moose and Minnie puppy days. There’s nothing like two rambunctious 100 pound puppies running around.

8. Learning about Chicago politics & sexism. After we bought 1506, it was suggested to Erin and I that we meet with our alderman to discuss the project and ensure there were no hiccups in the construction process. We walked out from that meeting asking ourselves, “Did we just get sexually harassed?” I won’t go into the full details, but the sit-down didn’t exactly go as planned. So off we went, coincidentally, to the theater premiere of Girl Rising. (We learned the real meaning of girl power that day.)

7. Finding out we won the Captain America: The Winter Soldier job. When I signed on as the receptionist at Sarofsky, I would have never guessed where we’d go. Finding out we won the pitch for the Captain America: The Winter Soldier main-on-end titles made me feel like we were really taking it to the next level… Just look at us now!

6. Friday lunches and happy hours! One specific day doesn’t pop out… But I love a family lunch. Nothing better than sitting on the patio outside and gossiping over some (vegan) burgers and a glass of pinot grigio.

5. Seeing the Community main title on TV. Community was the first main title that I really worked on after starting at Sarofsky. Being a part of the process (and getting my first IMDB credit!) was super cool… And we topped it off by partying and watching the premiere together.

4. Erin & Halley Take Barcelona. When Erin was asked to speak at OFFF, we were obviously thrilled both for her and the company. But when she asked if I wanted to go with and pal around the city for an entire week before the presentation, I was extra pumped. (Little did we know our accommodations would feature just one bed for the two of us and a fancy all glass shower that opened up into the room. Yeah, we got pretty close that trip.)

3. The Sarofsky Studio Opening Party. The amount of work that went into the purchase, gut, rehab, move, etc. etc. etc. was absolutely insane. To celebrate and let go of all that stress made it all worth it. Especially because our hair and makeup were on point and that photo booth made us all look gorg.

2. Going to LA to shoot the Shameless main title. As a highly impressionable and easily starstruck 25-year-old young pup… Flying out to LA solo, meeting some huge celebrities and seeing what it was really like to be on set for the first time was a crazy experience. Not to mention, we all went shopping on Rodeo to celebrate the wrap. #newboots

1. Meeting all you wonderful people! I’ve made some of my best and most cherished friendships with people who have walked through the Sarofsky doors (especially the person who opened the Sarofsky doors). I wouldn’t be who I am today without everyone I’ve met along the way. So thank you! I love you all and will miss seeing you all on the daily!! 😭😘💕


We’ll miss you Halley, but we are excited for what the future has in store for you!

You’re our lobster.