Working with Marvel always makes us wonder… if we were in the Marvel Universe, who would we be? Well, we went through each Sarofsky team member and tried to determine the best match. It’s safe to say we hit the nail on the head with these… enjoy.


ERIN / Professor X

Simply because she would enjoy riding around in an electric wheel chair with a blanket over her all day…

And she runs a “school” for the “gifted.”

STEVEN / Nick Fury

The brains behind the operation.

MATT / Groot

Obviously due to his height. (Not his succinct vocabulary.)

JOHN / Deadpool

Inappropriate is his middle name.

BUFFIE / Captain Marvel

Chief of Tactical Operations for the Department of Homeland Security… And Sarofsky.

CORY / Beast

Brilliant scientist. Nimble on the feet.

MARK / Rocket

Genius-level intellect (in the server room) & normal physical attributes of an earth raccoon.

ERIK / The Collector

Truly has devoted his life to collecting living beings from throughout the known universe.

DUARTE / Nightcrawler

Clearly, due to his ability to teleport.

TNAYA / Gamora

Quick wit and superhuman strength.

DAN / Gambit

Can throw cards, pick locks and is shifty. There you have it.

ALEX / Mr. Fantastic

A physically malleable, technological genius.

BRENT / Star-Lord

Purely for his love of dance.

JOSH / Spider-Man

Is actually allergic to spider bites…

BRYAN / Thor

Obsessed with all things Nordic… An obvious choice.

JAMES / Batman

Not a part of our universe…

MADELINE / Negasonic Teenage Warhead

Because #eyeroll

SEMA / Storm

Controls the emotional weather of the office (and the thermostat).

HALLEY / Scarlet Witch

Has a considerable amount of power, can create energy fields, and distort reality. (Also, a mom!)


RYAN / The Human Torch

Can’t touch this.

ZACH / Cyclops

Literal lasers corrected his vision.

CRARY / Wolverine

Everyone’s favorite curmudgeon.

BURKE / Hawkeye

Comes to town, completes a mission and goes home to his wife.

BRODY / Silver Surfer

Skateboarder iRL.