We’re excited to announce the newest members of the Sarofsky Team! Introducing Bryan Haney (Senior Producer) and Sema Lakhani (HR Manager). In Sarofsky fashion (see also: awkward first day of class meet and greet), we’ve forced some fun facts out of these two for your enjoyment.
Bryan isn’t all about scheduling and numbers… He’s “obsessed” with Nordic and Celtic mythology. So much so in fact, his wedding ring is a Nordic ring dating back to 900 A.D. from an archaeological dig in Yorkshire, England. He’s also a fan of writing and reading epic fantasy novels claiming, “If it isn’t 1000 pages, it ain’t worth it.” Game of Thrones, anyone?
When he isn’t reading, writing, and geeking out over mythology… Bryan is slappin’ da bass (amongst several other instruments). You can checkout his band’s latest album here.
Sema joins the Sarofsky ladies and we couldn’t be more excited! She comes to us with very diverse cultural background – grandparents born in India, parents born in Africa and raised in London, and she was born in America and married a Canadian born Scotsman… In a castle by the way. #princess #goals
When she’s not keeping us in check (and issuing our checks), she’s a master of DIY projects and can repurpose almost anything.
Welcome to the Sarofsky family!
We’re thrilled to have you on board!