Can’t wait until the fourth to get a burger? Got a taste for burgers during the holiday and just want MORE? Or maybe you just love a good deal? This post is for you….


A couple of weeks ago, a few of the MoBros here at Sarofsky pondered the question: “Could we find a burger deal in Chicago for every workday of the week?” The answer? Hell forkin’ yeah.

When they asked me to help out, I was naïve to think this would be a simple blog post… Over the course of this meat quest I saw as much dedication from these guys as some of our Marvel work, not joking. They gave me insight not only on the burgers and beer… but ambience, wait staff (specifically waitresses), and yes, even bowel movements. So here you have it: BURGER WEEK.

MEAT your Burger Boyz (yes, they came up with that): Cory, John, and the burger buddies who went splitsies, Brent & Alex.

Although many crew members participated, these four were consistent for the full week (except Brent, but whatever). So, I sat down with them for a “Meating”/ “Post Meatum” to breakdown each burger deal by overall burger taste/meat quality (1-5), beer pairing and yes, meat sweat level. Enjoy.



We’ve been #blessed to have Cobra Lounge down on our block for beer and bites…But the general consensus on this burger deal: DRY! Although the other burger selection is top notch, this deal might have been half price… but sadly was also half the quality.



You’re probably wondering why this is a beer deal and not a burger deal… Originally the boys ventured to The Publican for their Tuesday burger deal, but sadly this deal was dinner only (lame!) . Let down but determined to get some beef and brews for a deal, the Burger Boyz headed to Paddy O’Fegan’s and were pleasantly surprised with their pub burger (and also their waitress, Fey).



Halfway through burger week the bros headed to The Aberdeen Tap for some $5 meat treats and PBR. No complaints here… good deal, good burger and “the best sweet potato tots in the city” (you heard it here first). However, it should be noted at this point that John’s body has begun to turn against him… but he and the rest of the gang power through this burger and onto the rest of the week.



Third Rail Tavern not only got a solid burger rating of 3.5 across the board, but reigns champion of having the best fries of Burger Week. The Burger Boyz (minus Brent because he “had a posting”) decided this was the best value of the week, although, it should be noted the burger doesn’t include any toppings for free.

*It should also be noted that Cory got pooped on by a bird. Why? Because that’s hilarious.



The Jame’s Burger won, and this wasn’t even a competition. As soon as this burger arrived, silence fell upon the Burger Boyz (which is as rare as their meat). Even John’s failing body was resurrected for an overall top-notch experience. They also got to check out the salt room to see their raw cow before consumption, both gross and cool… mostly gross.


 After Burger Week the boys took some time to digest their thoughts (and meat – although, John’s digestion was still an issue for a few days after). It was decided that Burger Week was a success and they would happily do it again! Although they enjoyed their burgers, they genuinely just liked getting out with the bros and tossin’ back some brews. Classic.


Stay tuned for whatever they decide to indulge on for every meal of the week next.