The Killing - Case Study

When you thinks of Seattle, what do you see? Cloudy skies? Rainy days? Umbrellas? When we headed there for "The Killing" main title shoot, we got none of that. So we had to improvise... Take a look.

Shooting the final shot.

Erin & Mike Ozier (our DP) with body double, Yulia Hancheroff.

No rain? No problem! Our rain-making rig.

Erin & Lindsay Daniels directing.

Exactly what Erin & Lindsay were directing... Ozier & Halley, a dead hand in a pile of leaves.

The "dead body in the water" scene... Ozier & Jason Puccinelli with a very chilly Snezhana Kelly. Just a note to all our future prop guys... Shirts not required.

Communication Arts feature

Brief Magazine featured the killing as one the top five main titles of the year.

The finished product : Our main title for "The Killing."

AMC also asked us to create the graphics package for "The Killing." Example 1 of 3.

Example 2 of 3.

Example 3 of 3.