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Jews Clues: You're Doing It All Wrong

We produced a book cover for "Jews Clues: You're Doing It All Wrong"... And just in time for Passover.

We never expected to find a yenta in the non-Jewish Scott Combs... But after our first date, we knew it was the perfect match. We are so happy to have been able to produce this for our friends, the authors C.J. Kaplan and Mitch Blum... We look forward to much more meshugass in the future... Hopefully involving less lox next time...

"Jews Clues: You're Doing It All Wrong" is available for purchase on Amazon for the Kindle... So check it ...

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Happy Endings

Just wanted to share this great Happy Endings ad we found in a magazine... Happy Endings premieres Wednesday, April 13 at 9:30/8:30c on ABC... Be sure to check it out and look for our awesome main title!

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Nate Berkus Extras

Harpo Creative Works asked us to help create the graphics package for The Nate Berkus Show... Nate is a well known interior designer with incredible taste, so we knew only the most sophisticated of solutions would suffice.

Here is a small sampling of the work we created. For more samples from this project, feel free to reach out.

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