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Welcome, baby Violet!

We'd like to introduce the newest junior member of the Sarofsky team... Violet Filipkowski. (That's right. This guy has a child!)

Violet arrived on May 1st at 7.2 pounds and 19 inches. We've now got three minis at Sarofsky ... Expect a photoshoot soon! In the meantime, welcome to Violet!

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Top Ten: Movies I’ve Implied I’ve Seen When That Is In No Way True

Today's Top Ten comes from our favorite office assistant, Kaylise. Read on!


Here’s the thing: I like to be included. I make no bones about that. If I know something about the subject you’re covering, I can pretty much guarantee I’m going to nod my head and play along rather than admit to my ignorance. Thanks to social politeness, I usually get away with it.

Here is a list of movies I’ve allowed other people to think I’ve seen and some of my impressions of what those movies are about.

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Top Ten: Chicago Pizza Joints

We've got a feeling this one might cause some arguments. Anyone who lives in this fine city has a very strong opinion on what constitutes a good Chicago pizza. And even though many of us at Sarofsky hail from Chicagoland, we've only got one actual born & bred Chicagoan: James Babz. So here's his list for the Top Ten Chicago Pizza Joints!

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Greendale IDs

Well, that’s it. Everyone at Sarofsky is headed back to school… Community College that is.

Our friends over at Community set up an amazing website where you can get a customized Greendale Community College school ID card with your name & a unique major. Get yours here!! And read on to see all of ours. Which is your favorite?

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SCAD CoMotion 2015

Last weekend, we sent a couple of Sarofsky team members (Hey, Duarte & Michael!) down to Savannah for SCAD’s annual CoMotion event.

Despite the several travel issues they encountered, the guys had a great time! Not only did they get to meet some incredible students at the event, but they also toured the campus and visited the SCAD Museum of Art (which happens to be housing an amazing Oscar de la Renta exhibit at the moment!).

So basically, we want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone at SCAD who helped organize CoMotion AND ...

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