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Puppy Size Comparison

We'll start with a photo of Moose and Minnie on the Sarofsky office couch back in August 2009... Back then, Moose and Minnie were only around 5 months old. They could easily share the couch.

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Moose Draggin'

Take a look at one of our favorite videos over at Sarofsky... Moose Draggin'... Starring Minnie (the Great Dane) and Moose (the Bernese Mountain Dog)!

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Here is a photo of Moose & Minnie at this weekends' Dog Howl-oween Party at their daycare... Moose is a garden... Minnie is a fairy princess.

This shot represents the calm before the storm... Shortly after, Moose ripped off all his flowers and tore his sweater apart and Minnie successfully took off her wings in order shred them to bits.

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