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First Person Perspective Contraption

Erik created a contraption to use for shooting from a first person perspective. What a cool dude.

After a bit of trial and error, we realized we needed to update Erik's creation by adding a counter weight to the back of the helmet cam... We're kind of a make shift bunch. Steven wore the updated version.

Finally, Erik and Steven helped Halley put the camera contraption to use. Helmet too big, snow cap covering the eyes, arm losing strength. No words.

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Thursday morning...

Here's a pic of Halley from this morning... Organizing the cabinets & scavenging for mint tea packets. Good thing Erik had this handy flashlight today.

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More Jenga

Jenga has quickly become a favorite afternoon activity for a break from working...

We recently had our tallest, craziest Jenga situation ever.

Here's Steven contemplating his best move, as his usual stoic self.

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Secret Santa

This year, we did a Secret Santa drawing at Sarofsky... For both humans and dogs.

Here's a photo of Cloe with the present pile... She was definitely on the good list this year.

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