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A New Addition Makes 8

There’s been a buzz going around the office… Waiting, waiting, waiting for Baby Girl Babiarz to make her appearance and up our Sarofsky kid count… Well, last week, she finally did!!

Electra Stephanie Babiarz was born on February 28th, weighing a lovely 7 pounds, 1.7 ounces.

Per her proud dad, “She's the best baby in the whole world. She sleeps constantly. Eats and poops as a good baby should.”

Welcome to the family, Electra… We can’t wait to meet you and we love you already!

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Top Ten: Super Bowl LI Prop Bet$

Who's ready for Super Bowl LI this weekend?? There's no bigger group of football fans out there than this gang of nerdy, pale graphic artists! Just kidding... We've got a few aficionados around here. They mainly come from the tech department (exhibit : the above artwork), but still.

Mark, resident sports expert and lifelong Bears 4th Phase member, has compiled a list of Top Ten Prop Bets to make this Sunday... So get your bookie on the phone and let's go!

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Top Ten: Holiday Horror Movies

A couple years ago, Sarofsky did a fun little event for the team... A real-life Clue, murder mystery masquerade ball cocktail party. At said event, an unlikely couple was formed: Gertrude and Mortimer... Better known as Tnaya and James.

Since then, Tnaya and James have been quite the duo... Still going strong as co-workers after all these years. This week, they decided to collaborate on a top ten list... Top Ten: Holiday Horror Movies. Read on!

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Top Ten: Millennial Slang Words

Even though Madeline lowkey hates this slang... Our #residentmillennial provided us with a Top Ten of Millennial Slang with definitions for those basic Gen X-ers in the biz. Read on!

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Where to Binge on Sarofsky

Who doesn’t love a good TV binge sesh? Here at Sarofsky, we certainly do. And we especially love when the binge du jour features one of our main title sequences!

So we compiled a list of where you can binge on the Sarofsky exclusives… Grab your popcorn and Snuggies… And settle in! Happy watching!

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