BTS: Terri the Vegan T-Rex

What’s our secret at Sarofsky? Well, for starters, we keep the work enjoyable and fun. But at the same time, when faced with an obstacle, we do not back down. We take a collective deep breath, work the problem, and come up with creative solutions.

So in a particularly nutty brainstorming session for one of Arnold’s most recent CenturyLink spots, the idea emerged of how funny it would be to convince Halley, our resident vegan, that we needed her acting skills to bring Terri the Vegan T-Rex to life.

Pretty soon the idea snowballed into a full-fledged “Behind the ...

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Motion Plus Design in Paris!

Anyone going to be in Paris this September? More specifically, September 24th? Erin will be speaking at Motion Plus Design's Meet-Up Paris this year, along with some other very talented and exciting guests ...

Time is TBD still, but here are the details we have!

Date: September 24th

Location: LE THÉÂTRE DU GYMNASE 38 Boulevard de Bonne Nouvelle, 75010 Paris

How to get there: Metro : Bonne Nouvelle ( Lignes 8 ou 9 ) Bus : 20 / 39 / 48 / 74, arrêt Poissonière - Bonne Nouvelle

Head over to Motion Plus Design's website or ...

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Where to Binge on Sarofsky

Who doesn’t love a good TV binge sesh? Here at Sarofsky, we certainly do. And we especially love when the binge du jour features one of our main title sequences!

So we compiled a list of where you can binge on the Sarofsky exclusives… Grab your popcorn and Snuggies… And settle in! Happy watching!

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