Top Ten: Holiday Horror Movies

A couple years ago, Sarofsky did a fun little event for the team... A real-life Clue, murder mystery masquerade ball cocktail party. At said event, an unlikely couple was formed: Gertrude and Mortimer... Better known as Tnaya and James.

Since then, Tnaya and James have been quite the duo... Still going strong as co-workers after all these years. This week, they decided to collaborate on a top ten list... Top Ten: Holiday Horror Movies. Read on!

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It’s that time of year again, kids! No, don’t worry. We’re not talking about the election again… But we do have a couple of new members on the Sarofsky Cabinet. Now introducing, long-time freelancers, first time hires: Dan Tiffany (Designer) and Cory Davis (Creative Finishing/VFX Artist)! It was a bit like pulling teeth trying to get some fun facts from these two yahoos. But we did it. Read on…

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